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An entire life yields no more importance than an elementary school time capsule. One day, this life be as relevant as the inside jokes you told when you were in kindergarten. Not even nostalgia will redeem it, just like those potty jokes.

It will be such a distant memory as to have no more significance than a dream. Enough time passes and the salience of earlier events erodes entirely. You’re no longer nostalgic for childhood friends after raising a family. …

Mystical demystification, anonymous assailants, and the train to nowhere

You’re not paying attention. What’s the title say?

All day long, you find yourself waking up on this moving train. Over and over again, here you are, with no recollection of how you ended up here.

You later find out that your whole life, there’s been some nameless stranger following you around, anesthetizing you, and dragging your body onto this train. This is where you later wake up.

Every time it slips your mind that you’re being followed, the stranger strikes. Once you awaken, you fully embody equal parts frustration and rage. Once again, here you are. You’ve been here…

Farewell Dynamo

Having recently concluded my stint at Dynamo, I believe thank yous and a tribute are in order.

Well, there is an awful lot to be said for and about Dynamo Ventures. But, in the spirit of being lean, here’s the abridged version. This group has shown, taught, and challenged me in countless ways. A year ago, I thought brokers existed solely on Wall Street and that forwarding was strictly for email. And all this talk of DCs left me wondering whether Amazon was secretly relocating its headquarters from one Washington to the other. Also, everyone seemed to have P.O.D.s …

The fastest way to improve at the saxophone or any other woodwind instrument


There are three pillars that all non-shit players have firmly established:

  1. Sound
  2. Dexterity
  3. Intuition

All three are essential and compound one another in learning, so it’s best to develop them simultaneously.

What’s the method? Well, it beings with optimal practice of course. Fortunately, this is super simple. Unfortunately, nobody explained it to me this way when I first started out. But listen up. Structure your practice in this way, and you’ll improve at a rate faster than you’ve ever experienced before or thought possible (doctors hate him).

But again, this all begins (or ends) with your practice habits.

“You do…

The Black Hole of Urban Mobility

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza from Pexels

Unprecedented times imperil the transportation industry. It’s troubling for international travel without question, as airlines are poised to lose up to $113B in passenger revenue due to coronavirus. Zooming in to the regional level, Uber reported that trips are down 70% in impacted areas and Transit posted a 66% decline in transit demand. For once, roads are clear and public transit is a wasteland. For once, traffic isn’t the bane of productivity and equanimity. While we all remain in our homes gazing at the desolate streets afar, it’s an interesting time to consider what those streets looked like just a…

Explaining the Age-Old Problem of Visibility and Transparency

Image Source: NASA

Supply chain visibility is an enduring opportunity area. There is no better indicator of its shortcomings than the impact of the current COVID-19 epidemic. For the most part, procurement and logistics managers are still working in the dark. According to a recent survey of 1,700 companies, 81% do not have full visibility into their supply chains, and 54% have no visibility at all. What is visibility though? Common elements include tracing parts or products along every step of their lifecycle, from raw materials all the way to the final product being delivered to the consumer, and learning more about factors…

A Market in Disarray and the Light at the End of the Tunnel

The new decade brought with it a frantic flight to quality. Investors are now less tolerant of unproven business models, reliance on VC-fueled customer acquisition, and weak unit economics. After throwing WeWork in the pillory, investors’ profitability witch hunt continued elsewhere in search of others. What began as an ostensibly SoftBank-isolated affair has now cropped up all over startupland, with layoff announcements at Lime, 23andMe, Quora, Atrium, and more.

At the forefront of all of this, food delivery is beginning to implode. Rumors circulated the first week of January that Grubhub is considering a sale. While met with an ambivalent…

A Primer on Safety Standards & Compliance for AVs

Image Source: Pixabay

Safety is the top priority for autonomous vehicle (AV) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) developers as they engineer the vehicles of the future. The industry is being challenged on its ability to significantly reduce, if not eliminate the 1.4M car-related deaths that occur worldwide each year. The challenge for stakeholders is threefold: First, there is a lack of clear and uniform safety standards and compliance protocol. Second, there is no multi-body regulatory framework between industry and the public sector. Third, there is an ever-growing cloud of public misinformation. Here, I will explore how startups are approaching safety in this…

Way more important in my world than anything else is how to ask a question. Because you want to have the person [entrepreneur] comfortably telling you what he thinks is important so that you get it. Now, for a long time, we don’t understand the product or the market while we’re listening, so we have learned to string questions in a way that provides the entrepreneur with a way to explain what he wants to do, how long it’s going to take, who the competition is, how much money he needs, without feeling threatening.

Don Valentine, Sequoia Capital




Translating esoteric into exoteric

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